Plantable will
change your life.

By making simple adjustments in our daily lives, we can radically transform our health and well being — how we look and feel. Plantable is the most effective program to transition you over 28 days into a new way of living. We do it by making food decisions easy, by delivering delicious, fully-prepared, nutrient-dense meals, while giving you daily education and a personal coach to support you through your amazing transformation.
Our food is delicious and satiating

Our food is delicious and satiating

We believe a plant-powered diet can power your life, keep you full and taste great, too. Our meals are developed by chefs and designed to fuel active lifestyles. Plantable is 100% nutritious, 100% from plants.

We keep you accountable

Our programs make it easy to take charge of your health. You’ll get boxes packed with ready-to-eat meals, one-on-one coaching and education, plus the kick-ass feeling that you’re creating lasting, healthy habits.

We reset the way you feel

Plantable is more than a meal plan. It’s fundamentally changing the way your body and mind use food. You’ll have fewer crashes. More sustained energy. You’ll feel better. And you’ll look better. Plantable is how you make a positive change for good.

Our Food Principles

Here’s how we think about food

Nutrient Rich

It should make you look and feel amazing.


It should be good for you and the planet.

Whole Grain

It shouldn’t be refined—processed crap gets stored as fat.

No Added Sugar

We should bring out the real flavors in food.

High Fiber

It should be good for your gut and keep you full.

Local & Organic

It should be high quality and un-messed-with.


It should have enough protein, complex carbs and good-for-you fat.

Seriously Tasty

It should be something you love to eat.

Results you can see and
feel in 28 days

Weight Loss

The average Reboot customer loses 8.9 lbs.

Waistline Reduction

The average waistline circumference reduction is 2.0 inches.

Lower Cholesterol

The average reduction in elevated LDL cholesterol is 41 points.

The Crappy Food Cycle

The problem with the standard diet


How we reboot your relationship with food