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A Promise to the Planet for Earth Day

Dear Planet,

It’s been a really hard past few months for us humans. You’ve probably noticed we haven’t quite been ourselves. We are in the midst of a global pandemic that has impacted every single one of our lives. We have been asked to stay at home. Many of us are not going to work, nor visiting friends and family. We have radically changed our behavior in order to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our countries. We’ve incurred some devastating losses – human and economic. However, we are strong and together we’ve rallied. We have taken concerted action, working as one big global team, to curb the spread of a vicious virus that until now had lived in our imaginations as a Hollywood horror movie.

Amidst this crisis, you dear Planet, have fortunately drawn some benefit. We now gaze up into your blue skies and look out onto clearer oceans. What seemed like a Herculean task has been achieved in a matter of weeks.

What does our future entail? For now, we still remain unsure. We have made great progress on quashing this new villain. Scientists, researchers, healthcare workers, nurses, and caregivers are fighting hard to protect us today and find a solution for tomorrow. As we continue to heed our inner common sense for responsible societal action, we will strike the right balance between our freedom and judicious behavior. While finding that balance, we promise not to lose sight of your current splendor, dearest Planet, cherishing and protecting you while figuring out how we’ll return to a more usual way of life.

During this time we’ve learned how to spend more time at home with those who are most important to us. We’ve learned that while a handshake creates a bond, a video call that protects our skies on balance achieves more. We’ve learned just how much a kiss and an embrace means – especially when we’re starved of them. We’ve unfortunately discovered just how much destruction and devastation consuming certain animal products can bring. If we nourish ourselves with the bounty of your Plantiful diet, we can live together in harmony, in both human and planetary health.

Happy Earth Day, dear Planet. We thank you today for all that you bring us and promise not to forget you tomorrow. 💚🌱


The World xx