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Better For You Condiments

The days are (finally) getting warmer, kicking off the official start to BBQ season! While there are lots of fresh, delicious plant-based meals to enjoy, there are some grilling favorites that we need to pay closer attention to – condiments. Yes, it turns out that some of our BBQ classics may come loaded with sugar and other inflammatory ingredients that can impact our health and stall our weight loss progress. We’ve put together a list of healthy alternatives, including some easy make-at-home recipes from Chef
Aviva, so you won’t miss out on the fun!


The king of condiments, this tangy classic is sweeter than you think. A tablespoon serving includes almost a teaspoon of added sugar. This added sugar often comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup. High fructose intake is a key contributor to fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, and weight gain.


Instead of regular ketchup, look for low-sugar or no added sugar varieties. Or better yet, check out Chef Aviva’s recipe Good for You Ketchup. This fresh, at-home recipe gives you all the tangy goodness of store-bought ketchup without the added sugar.


Another BBQ staple, relish can be another hidden source of added sugar. Over the course of a meal, that sugar can really add up.


An easy swap for relish is adding pickles to your food. Pickles can give you the sour zing you’re looking for and add more crunch to your meal. If you’re looking for another topping, give sauerkraut a try. This fermented food adds some serious flavor to your meal with added gut-health benefits. It’s been proven that probiotics in fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi, can promote good bacteria in our gut, improving digestion and supporting our immune systems.


Mustard is a great no-sugar addition to your meals. That being said, always check the label before enjoying and be sure to stay away from any other sweetened varieties (e.g., honey dijon).


In addition to being a delicious, savory topping, mustard can be used as an ingredient for homemade, healthy salad dressings and marinades. Check out Chef Aviva’s Tarragon Mustard recipe to make delicious mustard at home, for your next family gathering.

BBQ Sauce

Like ketchup, most BBQ sauces are also loaded with added sugar. It’s no surprise when you consider two of the main ingredients include brown sugar and molasses. Unless you’re using a low-sugar option, it’s best to skip these sauces when you can and enjoy the true taste of your meal.

In Summary

Condiments may be hiding added sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, which will stall your weight loss progress. Even if we’re being conscious about the amounts we’re using, over the course of a meal, all of the sugar in condiments can really add up. Always be sure to read the labels or talk to your coach about healthy shopping habits as part of your Plantable Reboot before trying out a new condiment. Or better yet, make some at home with our fresh, easy recipes.