How Plantable is Partnering to Change the Future of Breast Cancer

At Plantable, we have a longstanding commitment to improving outcomes for those living with breast cancer. Losing her own mother to breast cancer, followed by her mother-in-law’s diagnosis of kidney cancer, is what inspired our founder, Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia, to investigate the connections of habit change and dietary lifestyle on chronic disease management through the science of behavior psychology and dietary change. She saw a future where crappy genes didn't have to lead to crappy outcomes. Where delicious food as medicine would not only delight the palate, but could address symptoms of chronic disease , keep us well, strong and living a long, happy life!

We have continued this commitment by investing in clinical trials with top medical institutions and medical oncologists like Dr. Neil M. Iyengar of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His research examines the impact of a plant-based diet and lifestyle changes on improving outcomes for those living with obesity-related cancers, like breast cancer. 

“Our research has shown that inflammation in the fatty tissue of the breast occurs most in obese and overweight individuals. This inflammation is a key contributor to obesity-related breast cancers. Not only is there a greater risk of developing breast cancer, but there is a greater risk of metastasis and recurrence for women who are obese at diagnosis. This clinical trial will partner with Plantable to evaluate the impact of a plant-based diet and lifestyle changes for women diagnosed with Breast Cancer.” 

- Dr. Neil M. Iyengar, Medical Oncologist and Principal Investigator Breast Cancer Trials Memorial Sloan Kettering with Plantable

In this clinical trial, participants participate in a 6-month Reboot program, which includes our anti-inflammatory, low-insulin whole-food plant-based meals and the unlimited guidance and support from a personally-assigned coach. Results will evaluate the markers of independent cancer risk including weight loss, changes in the microbiome, and metabolic biomarkers including cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation. This clinical trial is currently a Phase 2 randomized control trial and is expected to conclude by mid-2023.  

We are also partnering on similar clinical trials for Myeloma with Dr. Urvi Shah at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and on multi-center Prostate Cancer led by Dr. David Nanus at Weill Cornell Medical College, with participation from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

We know these clinical trials are vital in helping to move the science forward on the impact of plant-based diets and their potential, along with lifestyle changes, to reduce risk, and improve outcomes for those that are battling cancer. 

Everyday, in all that we do, Plantable is committed to meaningfully and effectively creating a future without diet-related chronic disease, and reducing our risks to inflammatory-related cancers such as breast, prostate and myeloma. We know the future of medicine is food, and are excited to partner with these respected medical institutions to clinically prove it. 


For information about our clinical trials and how Plantable can help you improve health and manage chronic conditions, click here.