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Important News from Plantable

Dear Friends,

As some of you have already heard, we have made the decision to close down Plantable's consumer business at the end of April. We will however be continuing with our clinical trials.
I am incredibly proud of what Plantable has achieved over the years. As many of you know, I was catapulted into this journey that first started as Euphebe and then became Plantable, as a way to easily and enjoyably transform our health - improving the quality of our life and ensuring that no one is robbed of good health and the pleasure of living a full life, prematurely. The power is in our hands. What we eat has a radical impact on our health. Health is not just determined by the biomedical markers that Plantable has proven to improve, but also quantified by our energy levels, our emotional state and how we feel about ourselves. We, at Plantable, have had the honor of working with so many of you on your health transformation. I am so moved by the outpouring of love from so many. I know we leave you in good hands as you all know how to continue in your amazing journey.
Our last shipping day will be Monday, April 24th. While our inventory is a little low this week, we will be replenishing meals next week, to enable you all to stock up on those Plantable favorites, to keep you going over the coming weeks.
I am currently reading Peter Attia’s book called Outlive. He refers to Medicine 3.0 - which is the new frontier that will be driven by you, the consumer, and physicians that truly understand the drivers of chronic disease and how not just to reverse disease but actually delay its onset for decades, if at all. Medicine 2.0 introduced antibiotics and shaped the healthcare industry as we know it today, focused on critical care. Medicine 3.0 is more than prevention. It is about empowering all of us to be our own physician, giving us the education to live our best lives, especially as we age. This is Plantable. This is what we set out to achieve. And I know we achieved that for many on this email list. And I am ever so grateful.
Thank you to all of our customers, past and present, for your loyalty and support, and for accompanying us on this amazing journey.
With love to you all. A presto 💚🌱
Nadja Pinnavaia 
Founder & CEO, Plantable