Meet Anne: Pastry Chef, Health Warrior, Plantable Reboot Customer

Anne was diagnosed with a genetic connective tissue disease in 2018 that left her with aches and pains, low energy, brain fog, and GI issues. She had tried many different things to treat her symptoms including medications, working with a personal trainer, and surgery. No matter what she did, her symptoms kept getting worse and she couldn’t keep up with her life the way she used to. She realized that the one thing she hadn’t tried was changing her diet. She decided to try the Plantable 28-Day Reboot a try and felt huge improvements in her energy and clarity in the first 10 days. That’s because Plantable’s meals have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation, a big contributor to Anne’s symptoms. Let’s learn more about Anne’s experience and the impact this new way of eating has had on her health. 

Coach Julie: Thanks for joining me Anne, and for sharing your experience with a chronic condition. Can you tell me a bit more about how you were feeling before Plantable? 

Anne: Before Plantable, I was having a really tough time managing my symptoms. My joints ached, I was tired and run down, had a tonne of brain fog, and my GI issues were just getting really bad. There is no cure for my condition, so everything is about managing symptoms. I thought I had tried it all - meds, acupuncture, working with a trainer, doctors - the works. The one thing I hadn’t tried was diet so I decided to take the plunge with Plantable. 

Coach Julie: Why hadn’t you tried changing your diet before? 

Anne: Well, a few reasons. One, my GI issues were so bad that I was worried that making any changes might make things worse. I just didn’t want to rock the boat, but realized that at a certain point, I had nothing to lose. Secondly, I used to eat a lot of meat and eggs. Funny enough, my husband already follows a plant-based diet, but for some reason I couldn’t imagine what my meals would look like without meat. I was worried I would miss it. 

Coach Julie: And did you? What was the change like for your GI?

Anne: I noticed almost immediately that my GI issues started to get better. My stomach didn’t hurt like it used to, and I didn’t feel tired or lethargic after meals anymore. I was kicking myself for not trying Plantable sooner. It has made such a difference in how I feel. I also realized that I don’t miss the meat like I thought I would. I have added some back now that the program is done, but nowhere near the amount I used to eat. I just feel so much better now.

Coach Julie: Did you notice any other changes after trying the Reboot? 

Anne: Definitely! After the first ten days of the Reboot I noticed my energy levels started to come back. I was able to get so much more done in a day without feeling tired. I felt more like me again. I was also sleeping much better, which really helped and my brain fog really cleared up too. 

Coach Julie: We hear that a lot from our customers. Our plant-based meals are made with whole, nutrient-rich ingredients and no added sugar or highly-processed foods. In our clinical trials we’ve seen that eating these meals for 28 days greatly reduces biomarkers associated with chronic inflammation. This is likely why your energy came back and your brain fog cleared up so quickly. It’s also why your other symptoms became easier to manage. 

Anne: That makes a lot of sense! I had never really considered the impact of my diet on my condition before. I thought I was eating healthy before, but I hadn’t realized how the foods I was choosing, especially the sugar, was putting so much stress on my body. It has been such a mindshift for me to think about my food as part of my healthcare plan. 

Coach Julie: What surprised you most about the program? 

Anne: I’m a pastry chef so I have a pretty high standard when it comes to food tasting good. I was so surprised with how tasty the meals were. I liked all of the variety and flavors I got to try, and really enjoyed the food. Another thing is that when I first saw the meals I thought they might be too small and that I might be hungry. I was amazed at how filling the meals were. There were so many times I couldn’t get through it all. The food really surprised me. 

Coach Julie: What was the most challenging part of the program?

Anne: Well, I ended up getting Covid for a few weeks during that month. I thought about stopping the program, but realized that this was probably the healthiest thing I could eat. I knew I was giving my body the nutrients it needed to recover and the ready to eat meals were really convenient when I didn’t have it in me to cook. It ended up being great timing actually. 

Coach Julie: What about the resources and support? 

Anne: Working with my coach made following the program so much easier for me. I have a decent handle of nutrition, but there were certain situations where I wasn’t sure what to eat. For example, I had a family gathering coming up and it was so nice to be able to message my coach anytime to get advice on what to eat or stay away from. I also loved the weekly calls I had to talk through my progress. It really helped to keep me motivated along the way. 

Coach Julie: What would you tell someone who is considering a Plantable program? 

Anne: It’s amazing what a difference nutrition and diet can make on how you feel, especially if you’re managing a chronic disease or condition. I really wished I had given it a try years ago. 

Coach Julie: Last question, tell us about your favorite meal!

Anne: It was so nice to eat foods I don’t usually prepare at home like the Chana Masala or the Thai Green Curry. The power burger was great too. 

Coach Julie: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us Anne! We’re so happy to hear you’re feeling stronger, and on the road to better health!

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