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Meet Jim: Healthcare Industry Professional, Dad, Plantable Rebooter

Jim recently joined us as the Chief Growth Officer at Plantable. Before joining the company, he wanted to experience Plantable's health transformation first-hand. A self-described "meat and potatoes" guy, Jim was nervous about going plant-based for the 28-day Reboot since he didn't want to give up fish or meat forever. While he considered himself healthy, he knew he had a few pounds to lose. He'd been hovering at 230lbs for a while and wanted to lose the extra weight. His results were so much more than he had hoped for.

Coach Julie: Jim, thanks so much for joining me today! Can you tell me a bit more about how you were feeling before Plantable?

Jim:  I’m a pretty healthy, active guy. I don’t have any major health concerns, but my weight was starting to get up there and I knew I had some pounds to lose. I had tried a few things before but wasn’t really making a dent. I started the Reboot at 230 lbs and was hoping to get to 220 lbs. I’ve managed to get down to 213 lbs, and I feel great. I had no idea how much body fat I was carrying. I realize now that I can go lower and am well on my way to 205 lbs.

Coach Julie: Wow, that's amazing! So, you wanted to try the Reboot out first before joining Plantable?

Jim: Yeah, I generally try to eat right and exercise but know that it's just too easy in our culture to eat crap more than you should. The opportunity at Plantable came up, and I wanted to see if the promise of health transformation was something I could stand behind. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The Reboot program gave me some actual results. Not only did I lose more weight than I thought, but my LDL cholesterol came down 43 points and my Triglycerides came down 32 points. The bottom line, I loved it and knew I needed to join the team.

Coach Julie: I know you had some hesitations before trying the Reboot. What were they?

Jim: Well, I'm what you'd consider a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I grew up working on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and am an avid hunter. The idea of going plant-based, even for just 28 days, felt really foreign to me. I was worried I wouldn't like the food or know what to eat. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I'd meet my protein needs. Boy, was I wrong on that. The food has been delicious, and I love the variety I get with the meals. I also don't feel hungry between meals and know I'm getting a good amount of plant-based protein.

Coach Julie: Yes, we hear that a lot from our customers. I know it can feel overwhelming to make a change like this for 28 days. How has your diet changed since finishing the Reboot?

Jim: Exactly. My diet is definitely much more plant-based now than it was before. I occasionally eat meat, but it's less of a staple of my diet. More than anything, Plantable helped me eliminate the crap like sugar, seed oils and other highly processed ingredients from my diet. I don't crave that stuff anymore like I used to. As Americans, the deck is stacked against us. I would go to the grocery store and get mired in reading labels.

Coach Julie: Now, how do you feel about shopping and cooking after the Reboot?

Jim: This is where the app and coaching have helped me learn what to eat, how to shop, and cook. Now I have my "go-to" staples for meals and snacks. Coaching has been a real game-changer, though. 

Coach Julie: Well, we love to hear that! Is there anything else that's helped with your results?

Jim: Honestly, it's the ease of the program. I am a busy guy, and I've got a lot going on between work and my family. Having the meals ready to go made it much easier for me to stay on track.

Coach Julie: What would you tell someone who is considering the Reboot?

Jim: What are you waiting for? You know you need to eat better. Do the Reboot, and it becomes much easier to practice moderation going forward. Now, I follow the 80/20 rule - 80% of the time, I'm Mediterranean/Plant forward, and 20% of the time, I'll eat a pizza, steak, or whatever.

Coach Julie: Finally, we always ask. What was your favorite meal?

Jim: Wow, I have a few. The Hippy Brunch Burrito, Buffalo Cauliflower, and Chickpea Wrap with Blue Cheese Dressing are delicious and convenient. I generally am not a soup eater, but I LOVE the Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup. The menu is extensive enough that I always have choices that taste great.

Coach Julie: Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Jim. Great job keeping the healthy habits up. We know you’ll hit your target in no time! 

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