Meet Paula: Special EducationTeacher, Nurturer, Plantable Rebooter

Paula considers herself a true nurturer. She always puts others first, whether in her career as a special education teacher or as a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She understands the value of good health, and does her best to eat well and cook healthy meals for her family.That’s why she was surprised when her doctor told her she had prediabetes. Not sure what to do next, Paula decided to give Plantable a try. She started the 28-day Reboot and reversed her prediabetes in under 3 months. Let’s learn more about Paula’s story. 

Coach Julie: First off, a big congratulations on reversing your prediabetes! That’s wonderful! 

Paula:  Thank you! It feels really good. I lost 10 lbs in the first month, 16 lbs so far. My clothing size has gone down, but more importantly I have more energy. My doctor is really happy too - I was able to reverse my prediabetes in three months. 

Coach Julie: That’s amazing! Are you still on the program? 

Paula: Yes, after I finished the 28-day Reboot, I still eat Plantable meals throughout the week and order A La Carte. I use those meals whenever I don’t have time to cook. My husband did the Reboot too and having meals available helps because he’s always on the go. He usually likes to snack a lot, but he doesn’t as much anymore because he finds the Plantable meals filling. 

Coach Julie: What do you think the biggest change has been for you in this process? 

Paula: I really thought I was eating healthy before Plantable. When I was told about my prediabetes, I wasn’t sure what I needed to change about my diet. My doctor told me to stay away from things like sugar, pasta, white bread, etc. He never really had the time to educate me on what to eat the way my Coach did. My Coach took the time to explain to me what to eat and what to look for on labels. I feel like it’s changed my whole relationship with food, especially how I think about feeding my family.  

Coach Julie: That’s great! I’m so happy to hear that you got the support and education you needed from your Coach. Speaking of food, what did you think of the meals? 

Paula: The meals were very easy to follow, just grab and go. I liked the variety of the chef’s menu. You just have to make your breakfast and snacks or can even order them from Plantable. It’s real food. I love it and it works compared to other programs. 

Coach Julie: What do you think makes Plantable different from the other programs you’ve tried? 

Paula: I’d lose some weight with the other programs but I would always gain it back after. The food didn’t taste good and I didn’t like all the preparation that was involved. With Plantable, I learned how to read food labels and make better choices. I thought I was eating healthy but it turns out that there was a lot of added sugar in my food. Once I took those out, I didn’t miss it. My cravings went away and I wasn’t as hungry all the time. 

Coach Julie: What advice would you tell someone who is looking to lower their blood sugar?

Paula: Plantable is an amazing program that will definitely reduce your sugar cravings and kickstart your weight loss. The support and guidance from the coaching is amazing. And the results came fast. 

Coach Julie: Finally, we always ask. What was your favorite meal?

Paula: To be honest, I really enjoyed all the meals. 

Coach Julie: Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Paula. Congratulations again on reversing your prediabetes. You’re setting an amazing example for all of us, including our family. 

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