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Meet Tracey Plantable Reboot Customer

Tracey noticed that her weight had slowly started to creep up on her. She was frustrated with how her clothes fit and how sluggish she felt all day. She knew she had to make a change but had tried every diet imaginable, and while they worked for a while, the weight would always come back. After trying Plantable’s 28-day Reboot, Tracey got her energy back, felt more mental clarity, and lost 10 pounds. The best part, she was able to work with her coach and keep the momentum (and results!) going long after the program was done. Let’s catch up with her and learn more about her experience.

Coach Julie: Thanks for joining me today Tracey. Let’s get started. What made you start with Plantable? 

Tracey: I was starting to feel more sluggish and tired, especially in the afternoons. My clothes were also feeling tighter, no matter what I tried. I was feeling frustrated with myself for my inability to lose weight or feel healthy. I had tried so many different things in the past, and none of them worked in the long run. I had heard about Plantable from a friend and decided to give the 28-day Reboot a try. 

Coach Julie: What is the biggest change you’ve noticed? 

Tracey: Very quickly I started to notice that my energy levels were starting to return. I felt lighter and was functioning with more clarity. The scale also started to go down too which was great, and my clothes were fitting better than they had in years. It’s honestly more about how I felt though. Today, I feel healthier and more confident in my skin. 

Coach Julie: What surprised you most about the program? 

Tracey: I’d say more than the physical results, I noticed I started to feel better too. As the program went on, I felt more positive and motivated to eat healthy. It felt good in my body to eat whole, healthy, plant-based foods which really helped me to keep going. I was surprised at how easily I lost my cravings for sweets and dairy, especially because they were such a big part of my diet before. 

Coach Julie: What was the hardest part about the program?

Tracey: Honestly, I didn’t find the program hard to follow at all. I found the coaching very helpful and encouraging. Anytime I had any questions or felt like I was falling off track, my coach validated my thoughts and feelings and really made me feel supported. Again, seeing the weight come off so quickly really helped to keep me motivated. Normally, I’d stall on other programs and give up. With the Reboot program I felt consistent progress with how I felt and my weight. 

Coach Julie: We’re all about sustainable change at Plantable. Now that the program is done, what are you going to take forward with you? 

Tracey: Like I shared earlier, the Reboot helped me stop craving sugar and dairy which both left me feeling so unhealthy and low energy. I’d say the biggest thing for me was learning that plant-based meals I can enjoy that are both filling and satisfying. It really shifted my perspective on how I think about plant-based meals. I am excited to make the recipes. I know they’ll be satisfying and leave me feeling good after. And for days that I can’t cook, I use Plantable’s A La Carte boxes so I always have meals on hand.  

Coach Julie: What about the resources and support? 

Tracey: I used the app to track my weight and water. It helped make me accountable in the beginning. As the weeks went on, I didn’t feel like I had to rely on the tracker as much. The recipes for breakfast and snacks were helpful too, and made grocery shopping easier.  

Coach Julie: What would you tell someone who is considering a Plantable program? 

Tracey: I’d encourage them to try it out. Not only for weight loss, but to achieve a feeling of healthiness in mind, body, and spirit! Once you start to feel good, you realize that you want to feel that way more and more. The old foods and habits just don’t seem important anymore. Plantable helps you make that transition by making eating healthy and giving you the emotional and practical support you need. 

Coach Julie: Last question, tell us about your favorite meal!

Tracey: I really enjoyed the wild mushroom ragout with polenta cake and the tomato pesto soup!  

Coach Julie: Thanks so much for connecting with us Tracey! It looks like you got a lot out of your experience with Plantable. Congratulations on all the positive, healthy changes you’ve made! Keep up the great work and results!


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