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Wellness On-Demand

Winter is here and going for a run in the park suddenly sounds less appealing. Even making the trek to the gym or studio can feel like a chore when it's below freezing. 🥶 The good news? Workout routines need not succumb to the weather this season, because there are tons of on-demand classes and programs available for streaming with little to no equipment required. We've rounded up some of our favorites, from strength-training to meditation. 


For cardio and HIIT - Aaptiv

Reap the benefits of an in-person trainer whenever you want, wherever you want. This app provides audio-only, music-enhanced guidance for your workouts, without the distraction of trying to follow along with a video. They have a wide range of workouts, from 7-minute sessions to full-blown training programs. If you’re the type that loves music while working out, this app is for you.


For muscle building - Physique57

Physique57’s high-energy workouts can now be streamed from any device, and no two classes are alike. Their unique library of over 100 different workouts will cater to your schedule. 15 or 30-minute classes are perfect for busy days, and they have 57-minute classes for a more intense session. 


For runners - Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is perfect for runners looking to keep track of their progress and constantly push themselves to the next level. They bring positive reinforcement to a whole new level with trophies and badges to celebrate your achievements, customized coaching plans and the ability to cheer your friends on. 


For physical and mental health - Exhale On-Demand

If you like to keep your workout regimen interesting and switch it up often, look no further than Exhale On-Demand’s well-rounded variety of programs. You’ll have access to barre, cardio, yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes. 


For yoga - Sky Ting TV

This beloved NYC yoga studio has published a whole library of their sessions online, so you can now get all the perks of a yoga class from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re just looking for a short tutorial or a full-length yoga class, Sky Ting has you covered.


Exercise for your mind - MNDFL

MNDFUL Video lets you practice meditation with certified teachers anywhere, on any device. They offer 100+ guided meditation sessions, each with a unique and relatable focus. Whether it’s for 5 minutes or half hour, treat yourself with some space to breathe.


When in doubt, sweat it out! We’re rooting for you 💪🌱🧡