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Why do we have Men’s Health Awareness in June?

June is Men's Health Month. Observed nationally, it is used to raise awareness for early detection of preventable health issues and encourage more men and boys to seek out care and treatment. Often playing second fiddle to Women’s Health, research has shown that not only do more men smoke and drink compared to their female counterparts, but they are also more likely to avoid visiting a doctor when feeling ill. Many men don’t even get regular check-ups. Men’s Health Month is to make sure men know and implement healthy living decisions, including exercising and eating healthy.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, men should aim to eat whole grains and plenty of plant-based protein such as nuts, beans and vegetables. This helps to ensure their bodies can fight disease and have plenty of energy throughout the day. These high fiber foods not only help manage hunger and feel satiated, but the power of plant-based foods can also reduce the inflammation associated with prostate and colon cancers.


In honor of Men’s Health, we at Plantable wanted to take care of our own special guy. We asked our amazing Director of Operations, Mat Platzer, to do the 28-day Reboot, leading up to Men's Health Month. Mat is great at keeping Plantable running at 110%, but when it came to his eating habits, he was (generously) around 25%. There was a fair amount of processed/convenience foods in his diet, with very few green vegetables or plant protein. 

Mat was a great Reboot client. He followed the plan for all 28 days, ramped up his exercise by walking everywhere, and reached out for guidance from his Coach when he had questions on what he should be eating or what to do when a craving came-a-calling. And guess what? Mat lost 18 pounds and felt amazing!! Read below to see how it went:

Q: What was the hardest part about the Reboot?

A: Ironically it was before I started - at the beginning doubting that I could make it through the 28 days.

Q: What was the easiest?

A: Having the meals that were already prepared for me and easy to reheat. Each one varied in flavors and were all so culturally diverse. I also relied on the Welcome Booklet for snack ideas, side salads and smoothie suggestions. This helped me get a lot more greens into my diet than I’ve ever had before, which kept me full and not constantly wanting to snack.

Q: Coming from a non plant-based lifestyle, how did you feel after eating only plants for 28 days?

A: I feel great. I have more energy and less bloat. Friends noticed that my skin improved. My waistline went from 34” to 31”,  I lost 18 pounds and dropped 3 pant sizes!! The downside is that I now have to replace my wardrobe!


Q: What was your favorite dish?

A: I can’t choose. I do have my top favorites though. I LOVED the Jackfruit Tacos, Kung Pao Bowl, White Bean Korma, the Pasta Pugliese and the Edamame Burger. I never felt like I was missing out and was always satisfied and never hungry after a meal. I really enjoyed this experience. 


Check out our current A La Carte menu here!


Q: Are you going to keep up this new lifestyle?

A: Hahaha! Well, I have to confess, I was excited to eat anything with cheese when I finished the Reboot. I have learned a lot and feel great and so I am going to keep up many of the new habits like no sugar in my coffee, eating a side salad with every dinner and eating a lot more plant-based. But I think I will be adding back some dairy (just don’t tell Nadja!)



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