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Look and feel
like your best self

Lose weight, feel energized, get better sleep, and clear brain fog with Plantable’s scientifically tested and proven plant-based diet.

We’ve helped thousands of people optimize health, improve wellbeing, and lose those stubborn pounds for good.

The Problem:

These days, it feels harder to feel like our best selves, inside and out. Today’s busy life takes a toll on our health, resulting in added pounds, sluggishness, and just not feeling in control.

Stress, work, and family obligations have left us with little time to take care of ourselves the way we used to. All the things we’ve tried in the past to get back in shape aren’t working anymore.

The Root Issue:

Today’s modern diet is filled with added sugar, and highly processed (often inflammatory) ingredients – sold to us for their convenience, false promises, and addictive properties. And ironically, often marketed to us as “healthy.”

Traditional weight loss diets, pills, and supplements never address the root issue either. They are simply a short-term, band-aid fixes that can do more harm than good.

What we put into our bodies matters – now more than ever. We need to shake up our lifestyle, reprioritize our heath, and find a better, more sustainable, way to nourish ourselves. This will have the greatest impact on how we look and feel in our bodies – now and into the future.


The Solution:

Plantable delivers delicious, plant-based meals using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our meals are prepared daily by our team of chefs using a targeted carb-to-fiber ratio proven to keep you full without spiking your blood sugar. This keeps your mind feeling clear, your skin glowing, and your weight in check.

Our programs go a step further in helping you make meaningful change by providing unlimited access to personalized nutrition & lifestyle coaching. Our coaches are there to answer your questions, help you build healthier habits, and support you along the way.

Our programs have been scientifically proven to help you lose weight, optimize health, and improve wellbeing in as little as a week.

This is your health reset, made easy.


A health reset, made easy

Plantable is a clinically supported lifestyle program that uniquely combines:

Personal support 24/7

The support of a real coach to demystify all of “health food” info to help you make better choices.

Plant-based meals

The ease of delicious, nutrient-dense chef prepared meals to stave off hunger while giving your body and brain what it needs


The resources that help you understand the proven science behind the program, helping you make long term change.

Recipes & tracking

The on-demand tools and recipes to keep you motivated and help you build healthy habits now and into the future.

Our Food Principles

Every meal is made with the highest quality, plant-based ingredients. No added sugar, no highly refined grains or inflammatory processed ingredients. Each delicious, chef-prepared meal is high in real fiber, balanced across the macro-nutrients, to keep blood sugar stable (no peaks and crashes), high in plant-based protein with good-for-you fat. Designed to keep your tummy full and your palate delighted, making achieving results easy and enjoyable!

Our Food Principles

Nutrient Rich

So you look and feel amazing


Good for you (and good for the planet)

Select Your Program:


The Reboot

$199 per week, for 4 weeks

Nourish your way to better health & habits

Our most effective lifestyle program, the Reboot is designed to help you lose weight, feel energized, and improve overall health and wellbeing. You’ll feel a difference in just 28 days.

In addition to your choice of over 48 delicious chef-prepared entrees, the program pairs you with your very own lifestyle coach who will provide you with personalized, support. This includes one-on-one coaching sessions, weekly real person check ins and round the clock SMS support (or when late-night cravings hit).

While we know that our nutritious, plant-based meals will keep you satisfied, it’s really the results that will leave you smiling. In just 28- days, people break their addiction to sugar, look and feel better, and have the tools and motivation to continue in their new lifestyle. They also see incredible results too – on average program members lose 10% excess body weight typically within 3 - 6 months.


The Quickstart

$249 billed once

Looking for a quick health reset that will have you feeling better and lose those extra few pounds?

The Quickstart is the perfect starting place if you’re looking for a flavor of the Reboot program. This one-week program pairs you with your very own coach to answer your questions and support you along the way. This includes a 1-on-1 onboarding call, and round-the-clock access via SMS for the week. In addition to the support, you get your choice of 12 delicious, chef-prepared entrees crafted to make your first week easy and successful.


“A revelation. I didn’t get hungry. I didn’t crave sugar. I debloated. I didn’t have much weight to lose but I found that my clothes fit better: my waist bands were looser and my body seemed to drop a decade or so. A couple weeks out I find I’m still not craving sweets, alcohol or white four. I’m happy to go on with eating a plant based diet. I certainly didn’t expect that! “
Clio P.
“The Reboot reset my and my family's eating habits. We massively cut down on our sugar consumption and learned what healthy truly is. I lost 15 pounds on the Reboot and went on to lose another 10. My workouts got stronger, I feel great and it changed our lives!”
Evan L.
“Plantable is life-changing I feel beyond better! My skin glows, my belly is flat and my energy is off the charts…I even think my hair is shinier 🤣…..I recommend this program to all!”
Alina K.

Your Team For Success

Nadja Pinnavaia, PhD
Founder and CEO
“Lasting change is easy when you have the right science and support. Plantable works because we understand the biochemistry of the brain and body and bring together the resources to restore metabolic health, addressing the root cause of weight gain.”
Aviva Gibbs
Director of Culinary Operations
“Eating healthy should be easy, satisfying and most of all delicious.  When creating a dish, I want it to be something that not only tastes amazing, but will make you feel amazing.”
Julie Evarts, RN, MSN, CRNP
Head Coach
“Our coaches serve as supportive mentors, guiding people to make the best choices for themselves and build habits for a positive and lasting lifestyle change. We treat our customers like family and are grateful to walk this journey alongside them.”