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Real Results

Our results demonstrate the measurable impact of the Reboot on health, inside and out, including an average loss of 5% (9 Ibs) excess body weight in the first 28 days and an average loss of 10% total weight within the first four months of following a Plantable lifestyle.

Real people, real results

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Lose Weight

“I did the 28-day Reboot and continued with Plantable meals and the habits I learned for 3 months and lost 35 pounds. The key to achieving my results was my coach responding to my calls and texts quickly and always rooting for me. I felt like she was doing the program right along with me.”

Wilhelmina W.

Wilhelmina lost 35 lbs

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Lower cholesterol

“What an amazing experience! Plantable has set me on a course for healthy living and eating. I not only lost weight, but the real proof for me was comparing my blood work before and after 28 day Reboot. My cholesterol dropped 31 points!! I am grateful for the thoughtful coaching, and yummy meals!”

Wanda B.

Wanda’s cholesterol dropped 31 points

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Increase your energy

“I got my energy back, felt more mental clarity, and lost 10 lbs in those first 28 days. The best part was working with my coach to help me keep the momentum (and results) going long after the program was done.”

Tracey S.

Tracey lost 10 pounds and got her energy back

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Improve performance

“The Reboot reset my and my family's eating habits. We massively cut down on our sugar consumption and learned what healthy truly is. I lost 15 pounds on the Reboot and went on to lose another 10. My workouts got stronger, I feel great and it changed our lives!”

Evan L.

Lost 15 pounds on the 28-Day Reboot

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Reduce blood sugar

“I reversed my prediabetes diagnosis with Plantable coaching and meals. I really thought I was eating healthy before my diagnosis. Working with my coach, I learned how to read food labels and make better choices. It turns out that there was a lot of added sugar in my food. Once I took those out, I didn’t miss it. My cravings went away and I wasn’t as hungry all the time.”

Paula S.

Reversed prediabetes diagnosis

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Weight maintenance

"The Reboot is my secret weapon. I am a busy executive, running a new business and taking care of a family. The Reboot keeps me in great shape. It is perfect for me, helping me to keep off those stubborn pounds , which can easily creep on when we don't get enough time for ourselves." 

Alina G.

Lost 7 lbs and maintained it.

28 Day Reboot Results

Your health impact

Weight loss*

10% weight loss/reduction in 3-6 months


Waist reduction*

Visceral fat, obesity, NAFLD


Lower cholesterol (LDL)*

CVD, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure

-41 PTS

Lower blood sugar (HgbA1C)*

Diabetes prevention/reversal

-0.9 PTS
  • * Based upon Plantable’s 28-day Reboot. Results collected from May 2015, January 2016 - September 2017
  • * N = 7, Starting hgbA1C > 5.7, 3* N=14, 4* N=18, Starting LDL > 100, 5* N=74, 6* N=127, 7* N=44, 8* N=48, 9* N=30
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Scientific foundation

This has formed the basis for clinical trials with leading medical institutions including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Weill Cornell, and Johns Hopkins to independently assess Plantable as a dietary intervention against risk factors linked to breast, myeloma, and prostate cancer and metabolic disease, including inflammation, cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, gene expression, and changes in the microbiome.