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Plantable Menu

Here’s a taste of our Plantable menu. Chef-prepared, plant-based meals. We change our menu up with the seasons to use local produce so our meals are as delicious and nutritious as can be! Our meals are cooked fresh daily in our commercial kitchen in Brooklyn, then frozen to seal in all the nutrients, and delivered to you.

Whole ingredients. Crave-worthy menus. Nutrient-rich meals designed to give your body the energy it needs.

We’ve done the thinking and heavy lifting in the kitchen for you - you can kick back and focus on other things, knowing your meals are covered!


Food Principles

Careful thought is given to each Plantable meal to ensure it is balanced across the macro-nutrients. Our meals are made from complex carbohydrates for slow-releasing energy without the blood sugar spike, plant-based protein for satiety, and good-for-you non-inflammatory fat for brain and cell health. Eating in the Plantable way brings natural satiety and fills us with energy so we can say goodbye to the afternoon slump, and look and feel really good just by eating!

Nutrient Rich

So you'll look and feel amazing.


Good for you and good for the planet.

Whole Grains

Only whole, high quality ingredients.

No Added Sugar

Period. Yes, really.

High Fiber

Good for your gut and keeps you full longer.


Good-for-you balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat.


Explore Our Menu

We change it up with the seasons to use local produce and make our meals as tasty and nutritious as can be!


Chef Aviva Gibbs

Directory of Culinary Operations

With over twenty years of culinary experience, our Head Chef Aviva Gibbs knows how to bring plant-based meals to life.

A graduate from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, she obtained her Masters in Food Studies and Nutrition from NYU. Since then, Chef Aviva has worked in award-winning kitchens all across New York City, where she perfected the art of cooking nutritious, seasonal dishes.

Chef Aviva brings her robust flavors and global-inspired cuisine to Plantable meals. It’s a difference you will taste from the very first bite.