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Join Tim Ridley on the Road Athlete Challenge fueled by plantable


Use code CHALLENGE for $80 off the 28-day Reboot ($20/week savings)

Plantable will donate $50 to the St. Christopher Fund for each completed 28-day Reboot. 



It's the combination of nutritional & behavioral science, in one fully-immersive program.

  • Eliminate cravings by resetting habits
  • Experience healthy weight loss, without hunger
  • Feel better and look younger
  • Transform your health
  • Gain a lifelong understanding of good nutrition
  • Know how to maintain your new habits

Select your program

The Reboot

$175 / Week (x4 weeks)
Our signature 28-day program clinically proven to get you fast results and build habits that last.
Meal program Includes your choice of 48 chef-prepared, plant-based entrees
Coaching & Lifestyle ToolsUp to 3 months of one-on-one coaching with your personal coach (including weekly calls and unlimited messaging) and 12 months of access to our lifestyle tools

The Quickstart

A 7-day reset that helps you lose weight and get back on track.
Meal programIncludes your choice of 12 chef-prepared, plant-based entrees
Coaching & Lifestyle ToolsOne week of one-on-one coaching with your personal coach, an introductory onboarding call, and 1 month of access to our lifestyle tools

A La Carte

Our A La Carte option is perfect for those looking to maintain their Plantable lifestyle through convenient meal delivery.
Meal programBuild a custom box of your 12 favorite menu items, ideal for existing customers and those already following a plant-based lifestyle
Coaching & Lifestyle ToolsThis option does not include coaching or access to lifestyle tools

The Reboot

$175 / Week (x4 weeks)

28-day program clinically proven to tranform your health. Reverse chronic conditions, lose weight, improve bloodwork, and build habits that last.

Meal program

Includes your choice of 48 chef-prepared, plant-based entrees

Coaching & Lifestyle Tools

Up to 3 months of one-on-one coaching with your personal coach (including weekly calls and unlimited messaging) and 12 months of access to our lifestyle tools


How the 28-day Reboot works

Pick a ship date (1)

Select your ship date

Choose the Reboot and select a ship date for your first box
Choose meals (1)

Choose your meals

Opt for our weekly chef’s menu or customize meals to your preferences for delivery
Build a plan (1)

Build your personal plan with your coach

Connect with your coach to ask questions and build habits that last
Delivered to your door (1)

Delivered to your door

Meals are delivered frozen for convenience, straight to your door

Tim ridley on the road athlete challenge

Take a listen to Plantable’s Coach Julie on Sirius XM Road Dog Radio, The Tim Ridley Radio Show, on how to join the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you have a question that is not listed here then please contact us:

You can email us -        Call or text us at: 646-974-8200

How do I best order on the road?

How do I store the meals?

The meals come frozen and will last up to 8 weeks in the freezer and 1 week in the fridge. You can put the bulk of your meals in the freezer and keep a couple in the fridge that are thawed and ready to heat!

How do I heat up the meals?

Your meals can be heated up in the microwave! The packaging will have specific instructions for each meal on how long to microwave it.

What do I do for breakfast?

We encourage you to stick to whole food plant-based foods. A lot of people find success with having oatmeal, avocado toast on Ezekiel bread, or a hearty smoothie. Feel free to get creative! (If they have access to our app perhaps suggest exploring recipes in the app)

Can I have snacks? What do I eat for snacks?

Yes! If you’re feeling hungry, you are welcome to have a snack! Again, we encourage you to stick to whole food plant-based foods. Some examples include edamame, apple with unsweetened almond butter, or fresh veggies with hummus.
(Can explore more in the app) 

What if I go out to eat? Is that allowed?

Sometimes events come up which is no problem! Going out to eat here and there is ok. Opt to include lots of vegetables when eating out and ask for light sauce. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, too! 

Can I still drink on the program?

We encourage keeping drinks for special occasions. When having a drink, opt for red wine over white and clear liquors over colored. 

Is coffee allowed?

Yes! Black coffee or with a splash of unsweetened non-dairy milk is welcome!

Where are my meals delivered?

You can choose where to have your meals delivered. Orders leave our Brooklyn kitchen on Monday afternoon, and are scheduled to be delivered in 1-2 days, depending on the area of the country you are located.

If you do not go home each week and need to have your order re-routed to a new location, email and we will help you.

Who is our Shipping Partner?

UPS is our shipping partner. There may be times when an order is delayed. We thank you in advance for your patience should you experience a delivery delay.

How does the Road Athlete Challenge Work?

How do I sign up for the Challenge?

Click on Join Now  where you can register to start your Road Athlete challenge!

When signing up, use the word CHALLENGE when directed in the discount code area at checkout! This will give you a $20/week discount - $80 for the whole program!

Tell me more about the Coaching Process?

Each Reboot participant has access to a LIVE Plantable Coach, but the first step is up to YOU. When you choose to participate in the Reboot program, you will receive an email with instructions that teach you how to download our App. Once downloaded, the Coaching program begins with an onboarding survey (within our App) so that we can get to know you. Once the survey has been completed, you can make your first Coaching appointment using a link to our calendar. Moving forward you have access to your coach through calls, email and texting! 

How can I follow along on the radio?

Julie will be Coaching on the lice, on the air, with Tim Ridley, Mark Everest and several others each week. Tune in to listen to their stories, and call to share your own! Missed the show? Use this link to get to the Tim Ridley show library.

Can my spouse, partner or friend do the program along with me?

Great question! They sure can! Have them enter the same discount code, CHALLENGE, when prompted during the checkout process