Inspirational Women!

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. I always had mixed feelings about this day of celebration. When I was growing up in Italy, albeit some 30 years ago, the “Festa della Donna” was typically met with the husband / kids bringing home a bunch of mimosas and on that one day fixing dinner or unloading the dishwasher! For the other 364, it was "business as usual". I hope that 30 years on, Italian women are managing to eke out a few more days of appreciation and help!

I actually believe that every day should be an appreciation day - honoring those around us who show exceptional strength, courage and perseverance. Especially in these last 12 months, we have so many people (not just women) to be in awe of - that have made exceptional sacrifices to help and improve lives of others.

However, because it is March 8th, I did want to highlight one particular amazing, strong and exceptional woman. Her name is Marlena Horton. I was introduced to Marlena last summer. Many of you who know us well, know that we have commenced a randomized clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering, for breast cancer patients. Marlena was the first patient to be randomized to our “intervention” arm, with plantable as her prescription for a dietary intervention.

As with all plantable “Rebooters”, Marlena was onboarded prior to her start. I remember our first onboard call very well, where we discussed goals and habits. Her goal? To kick cancer in the butt - and be around as long as possible - my personal goal and I would argue, the goal of many. We spoke about change and that change is hard, but with a few habits tweaks here and there, and with our round the clock support, we had her back, and we were in this together. 💪

Marlena’s start date for the trial was initially set back by a couple of months due to elevated blood pressure. However within 3 weeks of starting, her blood pressure dropped so much that her medication was slashed in half. She went through Halloween without craving candy and within weeks was on a completely new health path. It was not without its moments of difficulties but Marlena conquered those moments, those voices, one by one and fully embraced the change.

And now? 50 lbs down, Marlena is off all medication and is thrilled with her new life where she has more energy, feels alive and is happier - or in her words, "my brand new life IS SOOO much better!" 😊. I am so proud of Marlena. I hold her up as an inspiration to all - because change can be hard, but when you take on that first 28-day commitment, then it becomes easy. I love my text messages from Marlena. I love reading about her results - but more so, I love the joy and happiness that exudes from her new life. And how she wants to share that new life with those around her.

I love you Marlena - you are an inspiration to all women out there - that we can take back control and own our happiness and health. You are an icon to all.

Happy Strong Women’s Day to all 💚

Founder & CEO